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The Magic Weevil - Fine Art Print

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Weevils are very whimsical insects, and the one depicted here is no exception. He is an acorn Weevil, a creature with a very animated and unique way of moving and flying. Their long proboscis is actually a drill, and their head the gears. They spin their heads carefully around their proboscis in order to drill into acorns. Hanging onto an acorn perfectly still is hard work, so they have comically large feet with which they can grip the acorn.

This dapper young Weevil has chosen a special path, one of a magician. He has adorned himself with a top hat, a tuxedo and delightfully large boots which fit his padded feet so snugly. Born for showbiz, this Weevil walks and shuffles in big and showy ways as only a Weevil can. To his left an right are two big spotlights, acorns which he has drilled out himself and repurposed. The dark pallet contrasts with the lighting, accentuating the drama of the scene.

Created using Acrylic Paint and using an expert combination of techniques including blending, masking and painting. This artwork comes printed in border-less format on beautiful matte paper. In your choice of 4 standard frame sizes, A4, A3 & A2. Each print is hand-signed by the artist to ensure it's uniqueness.

Ayla Fowles


Born in Syria shortly before the civil war, Ayla experienced first-hand the suffering and injustice caused by her government. Then living in Saudi, she lived under radical religious law. As a result she spent her teenage years locked in her room as she desperately sought any freedom she could find, which she found that through art. Art was her form of expression and as the years went by, she practiced and practiced while she waited for an opportunity.

She now gets to tell the story of her youth with the hope that she can show you how good things can come from bad situations, and to bring awareness to things she finds dear to her (or things that she thinks are really cool).

Art Forms

A Surrealist Artist first and foremost, who is at her best when she mixes surrealism with other artistic Styles. Her expertise with different media types really shines when she shows how seamlessly she can combine multiple artistic medium.


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