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Mat Boards (Acid Free)

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Mat Boards also known as mat, mount board or passe-partout are a 1mm thick board that is designed to sit between an artwork and the screen of the frame. They seperate the artwork from the frame's screen as well as from the frame itself.

When deciding whether your artwork should be framed borderless or with a matboard, it is important to remember the benefits of using a mat board.

Protection - Mat boards are designed to protect the artwork within the frame. Primarily they they protect against humidity. Paper tends to crumple and warp when exposed to the environment. But by separating the artwork from the screen of the frame, humidity will build up first on the screen, which is what contacts the light first. The mat board acts as a physical barrier between this microscopic condensation and the artwork, while also being the first absorption layer. This means that even if condensation does build up, it will usually be the mat board that suffers the water damage.

Design - We've purposefully selected a range of frames that don't compete for attention with our artwork. But often other designer frames can come with a large amount of detail, and can act like an artwork in and of themselves. This can be a problem when you use them with intricate artwork. They no longer frame the artwork, but can distract from the artwork you put within them. Mat boards fix this problem by separating the artwork and the frame by creating a break between them. Mat boards can also be used to fit smaller artwork to bigger walls by increasing the size of frame you can use. Collections such as our "Between the Lines" collection doesn't come in A2 size, but by using a mat board, you can fit an A3 print into an A2 frame, making it an excellent fit for large open spaces.

Affordability - Using a mat board is a great way to both decrease the cost of a print while also adding to the value of a print or artwork. By choosing a smaller sized artwork in the same sized frame, you can add to the appreciable value of a print while also saving on the cost of a larger print.


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