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Know your dimensions:

We offer framing for free, but before you decide to choose a frame, please consider whether you would like your print bordered with a mat, or whether you would like it border-less.

Every one of our frames come with a mat board included, however you may still need to choose a different mat to fit your print. You can safely fit an A5 Print in an A4 Frame with the included mat board, or an A4 Print in an A3 Frame. But to fit an A3 Print in an A2 Frame, you will need to purchase a mat board separately.

Mat Board Window Inner Dimension Weight
A5 137 x 93mm 215 x 150mm 230g
A4 191 x 140mm 297 x 210mm 350g
A3 292 x 190mm 420 x 297mm 670g
A2 493 x 289mm 594 x 420mm 1170g